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In the '80s, Becky Thompson and her rotary phone discovered the magic of customer calls. While they thought their company was the cat's pajamas, feedback ranged from "A+ for effort!" to "Who designed that sign, a maze architect?" Their belief? Every business exists to serve (and well, make some cash).

But summer chaos meant customers were put on hold because managers were too busy to make 5 phone calls each week. Solution? The birth of CSI! No, not the crime series, but Customer Service Intelligence. It's a proactive customer follow up program. Ensuring 24/7 feedback, it's the bridge between happy employees and ecstatic customers.

35 years on, CSI is the unsung hero, turning feedback into gold. Want to level up your customer game? CSI's your company.

For decades, CSI has provided a game changing service to a variety of different organizations. CSI has been following up with our clients’ customers using our unique Customer Follow-Up Survey Program. We primarily collect “Voice of Customer” information and data as well as a fully functioning Virtual BDC (Business Development Center).  CSI tracks Net Promoter Score, Consumer Satisfaction Index, Industry Benchmarks and more. 

Here at CSI, we value honesty, integrity, and of course, helping our clients grow. We are committed to a healthy, vibrant company culture. We uphold kindness, courtesy, and respect when communicating with clients, customers, prospects, etc. Rest assured, our team at CSI is full of some of the best people you'll ever meet.

Check this out!

Check this out!

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