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virtual BDC

Virtual Business Development Center (vBDC)

Is your call center doing everything it could be doing for your bottom line?  Let CSI's professionally trained BDR's get to work for you.  Whether it's communicating with customers, or speaking with future prospects, CSI can help.  

After a Prospect engages with your company and leaves without purchasing, our reps will call to discuss:

  • How the visit/interaction went

  • How the Sales Staff performed

  • How your team presented itself to your new prospect

  • Whether they are still interested in a purchase (and IF NOT, WHY NOT)

  • What is highest on their priority list for this purchase (With as much detail as we can possibly evoke)

  • If your company is still in the running for that purchase

  • What it would take to make the deal. CSI’s role as an OBJECTIVE THIRD PARTY often allows your prospects to open up to us in a way they would not relate to your Sales Staff, etc. Many times your staff’s perception of why a deal went south isn’t always the reality of the situation. CSI’s Prospect Follow-Up Programs will help you:

○ Identify THIS person’s unique expectations from your company
○ Reflect on the expectations of tomorrow’s prospects
○ Identify adjustments to be made to the sales process
○ Identify adjustments to be made company-wide
○ Re-train accordingly

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