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survey programs

How it works

We recognize that each business is unique in its own processes and procedures. Each business is at a different stage of development. You must first set your objective and then design your program to be sure it meets your objective. A CSI specialist will perform a "Needs Analysis" with you and create a program that will meet your objectives.  Below are some program ideas to get your thoughts flowing. 



After a customer has received some sort of service work, boat repair, refrigerator repair, window repair, etc…   CSI will call the customer to ensure the customer was completely satisfied with the work performed and the treatment by the personnel.  In addition to other questions that can be geared specifically towards your business.  You will also learn what your Consumer Satisfaction Index is along with your Net Promoter Score.  

After Delivery  

Once a customer has taken delivery of their new purchase,  CSI will call the customer to ensure they were satisfied with the delivery experience and the staff.  In addition to other questions that can be geared specifically towards your business.   You will also learn what your Consumer Satisfaction Index is along with your Net Promoter Score and find out what prompted your customer to visit you in the first place 


Customers may enter your store or dealership and leave without purchasing.   CSI will reach out to those customers and find out where they are in the buying process.  What else are they looking for, where are they looking,  and what can that company do to earn that customers business.   This is an extremely powerful program for your sales team.  It will allow you to identify your sales team’s performance, knowledge of the products, and so much.  The goal is to get enough information from the customer that the salesperson can now call the customer back and invite them back in to finalize the sale.  

Storage Facilities

If you offer storage to your customer base, most likely you depend on those storage dollars.  Make sure you are meeting your customers’ needs with your storage facility and processes. CSI will reach out to those storage customers and lock them into next year’s storage, and if they are not renewing, we will find out why not, where they are going to, and what was the deciding factor in that move.   This allows the company to adjust any processes along the way that customers found to be a nuisance.  


Many times, a customer that rents something can easily turn into a buying customer – like I want to own that!   Make sure your rental customers are having the greatest experience ever.   CSI will reach out to those rental customers and capture their experience for you.  Giving you the customer intelligence needed to make your rental program more customer friendly. 


Merger and Acquisitions

Our CSI acquisition program allows the buyer to reach out to the customer base to determine their satisfaction level and Net Promoter Score of the entire customer base.  This is a perfect way to determine if the customers are going to be staying with the business or are, they considering canceling their services.   P&L’s can tell you how the business is financial, but this program is a great cross check to determine the customers longevity and how much work will be needed to turn the company around or is it on a good track. 

Dormant Account 

Do you have a group of prior customers you have no idea why they stopped doing business with you?  Provide CSI with that list and we will reach out to those prior customers and find out the reason for them leaving.  What better way to grow then to uncover the reasons customers went to another business?   Was it the product, the price, the people? Once this is uncovered you have the ability to put a plan in place to prevent these mishaps from driving other customers away.

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