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CSI’s online reporting allows you to manage your program over the internet and have access to your customer data around the clock. For your confidentiality, reports are protected by a username and password. You will be able to view the status of your program using these reports: 

Customer Report Card - See exactly what your customers said about your staff and your business. Each customer appears on their own Report Card. Each Report Card provides you with a proactive way of responding to their particular need. 

WOW! Comments - Appear on your Customer Report Card! Points out extraordinary performance by your employees or your business; a perfect opportunity for special recognition. 


Hot Sheet - Appear on your Customer Report Card! Unhappy experiences are documented in your customer’s words. You can immediately respond to whatever is not satisfactory for your customer. 

Hot Sheet Status Report - A re-cap of last week`s customers that were flagged Hot Sheets on your Customer Report Card. Your tracking tool to assure action occurred as planned, or redirected action as necessary. 

The above reports are available around the clock. When Report Cards are flagged as WOW!'s, Hot Sheets, or Referrals, an email alert will be sent to you within 12 hours, allowing you to be immediately responsive to your customers. 

Employee Performance Report (EPR) - Your tool to track employee performance so you can measure it. Track individuals, teams, departments, you decide. 

Industry Benchmark Report - Manufacturer Performance Report – Like the EPR report, a tool to track your brands. Let them see how their performance affects your customers. Present this to your vendor for accountability measures. 

CSI Rating Profile - Chart and graph of your company's satisfaction rating, showing current versus monthly and yearly comparisons. 


Call Result Summary - Upon client request, a quick summary of total number of customers reported to CSI, total contacted by CSI, and the reason why contact wasn’t possible. 


Suggestion Summary - All suggestions from your customers are categorized for you, and graphed. Reveals areas needing attention, and which areas (in your customer's perception) are satisfactory. 


Multi-Choice Summary - Chart and Graph that reveals what prompted your customer to select you! Excellent for monitoring and planning advertising spending.


Custom Reports - Ask your sales representative for more details.


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