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Let us handle the follow-up, you keep selling boats.

Don't miss the Boat - Dealer week_edited

MRAA has partnered with CSI,Inc. to create a Virtual Business Development  Center (vBDC) to offer a program that will help you build on your customer  relationships and capture value.

Don’t let the opportunity of loyal customers slip through the cracks when they  opt to sell their boats and never come back because they didn’t have a good experience at your dealership.


1. YOU report customer and sales data to the vBDC.
2. CSI sends a thank you email to  the customer.
3. CSI texts the customer to establish a
    preferred communication method.
4. CSI immediately emails  the customer’s 
    feedback  to the dealership for your response.
5. YOU address the customers' comments & needs
    with staff after you receive customer feedback
    from CSI.
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