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Texting Platform

CSI has heard the call from your customers for improved communication.  So we built a Texting Platform that allows you to do just that.  Text your customer at ANY time, from ANY where and EVERY ONE can do it!  Have all of your company texts in one location, from all senders, from all customers -  ALL in one customer database.  No more missing a piece of valuable communication because it is on an employee's cell phone.        Now it's all online for everyone to access. 

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Client Texting Platform

Anyone in your company can log into the CSI Texting platform and start communicating with your customers.  CSI provides free training for your company. As easy as 1, 2, 3....

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All Text Messages in 1 Location

Just log into the texting platform and all of your customers will be at your fingertips to start texting.  Search the customer name and poof - all texts to and from that customer appear.  

Sample image of Chat Program

Improve Customer Communication

Todays customers want to be kept informed.  A quick text with an update is so appreciated by customers. Available to all employees, from any where and any time.  Sign up today!

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