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call center

Call Center Management

Our call center management team is dedicated to ensuring that our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are conducting quality interviews. Management is constantly monitoring the CSR's professionalism and timely completion of calls. In addition; random interview verification, quality review evaluations and continuous checking of survey data ensures the validity and integrity of every completed survey.

Customer Service Representatives

CSI hires only the highest quality interviewers to conduct our phone interviews. Our screening process is designed to find applicants with the highest level of professionalism, who are well-spoken, friendly and good listeners. All of our interviewers attend an extensive training program conducted by our experienced Trainers to ensure that from day one they do the best job possible. CSR's are well-trained on maintaining data integrity, remaining neutral throughout all surveys, and presenting a professional and polite attitude to all respondents. We don’t have to be experts in your line of business; but we do train our CSR's to be experts in good customer relations, communication and listening skills. It takes a friendly voice to show you care. Customers are very appreciative of the call: they realize you are going the extra mile and reaching out to them via a third party to insure that they have the freedom and comfort to be honest and open about their experience with your organization.

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